Own a Small Business? 3 Ways to Free Up Your Time and Earn More Money

Own a Small Business? 3 Ways to Save Time and Money - by Jaclyn Boruch

Do you own a small business or are you just really, really, really busy? Who isn't these days? We're all on a quest to find more time and earn more money.

Let's address these questions I used to repeatedly ask myself:

  • Why is it so difficult to get through my to-do list?

  • How can I make more time for business development and client relations?

  • Is there a way to market myself or my business better (and consistently)?

Here are 3 solutions I found and recommend: Fancy Hands, TaskRabbit, and phoneBlogger.net

#1 FancyHands.com

Fancy Hands is a website that assigns virtual assistants to complete your tasks.

I never thought I would be the type of person who needed an assistant; heck, part of my business is being an assistant! With nothing to lose, I subscribed to the $29/monthly plan, which allots 5 tasks to delegate (and whatever isn't used will roll over into the next month).

A unique feature of Fancy Hands is that the amount of time your assistant spent completing a task—as well as phone calls, emails, appointments, etc.—is tracked.

Here's a screenshot of my personal Fancy Hands widget, which shows that my assistants have saved me over 2,592 minutes (1.8 days!):

Below are some of the actual tasks (business/personal) I have submitted to Fancy Hands. Note: I’ve dulled some of the details to satisfy use of bullet points.

  • Call restaurant xyz and get quote for private fundraiser on xyz date for 80 people.

  • Call NJ Games of Chance Office and get status of my client's application.

  • Post ad on craigslist/local college websites for a marketing intern. Forward me resumes.

  • Call UPS and have them change the delivery address of the order I placed yesterday on Amazon. Find out the new delivery date and call my client to alert them of the new delivery date.

  • Find a wine store in NYC that specializes in Bordeaux or Burgundy or both; ask if they can do a private tasting on xyz date at xyz time for 2 people. Make me a reservation.

  • Fix the MX records on my website and let me know when my email is working again.

  • Merge 10 tabs in this excel doc; make all entries title case and alphabetize by last name. Email final document to my client's entire office and cc me before 5pm.

I know what you're thinking.

Some of these seem like very basic, simple tasks...that I should just be able to cross off my to-do list...real quick myself, right? Wrong! Free yourself from the "I can get it all done" mindset and focus on opportunity cost instead.

The key is to delegate menial tasks that anyone can do, so that you free up your time to work on the higher-level tasks only you know how to do.

My time—all 2,592 extra minutes of it (and more!)—is spent much better on things like A/B lead conversion campaigns for my clients or making decks to pitch new business. If you’re still unsure how you could use a Fancy Hands assistant, here is a list of real tasks other people have submitted.

#2 TaskRabbit.com

Another unique service to utilize for time saving is TaskRabbit. This is a service that assigns individuals to complete physical tasks for you such as picking up dry cleaning, buying office supplies or any general errand. I'd say TaskRabbit is utilized more for personal use than business use, but hey, time saving is a good thing whether it's in or out of the office.

Fancy Hands sometimes works in partnership with TaskRabbit and the result is the ultimate personal assistant. For example, here's a personal-dilemma-turned-solution a friend of mine had:

If you email your Fancy Hands assistant at 2:00 pm on a Friday panicking that you forgot tonight was your anniversary, don't sweat it! Your Fancy Hands assistant can find an anniversary-appropriate restaurant and make a reservation; and then send a TaskRabbit to buy your spouse a gift, deliver it—wrapped with a bow—to your office before you head out the door.

#3 phoneBlogger.net

One last way to save time and money marketing yourself or your business is with phoneBlogger.net This marketing service is a hidden gem used by many professional service businesses—especially lawyers and CPAs—to produce consistent and professionally-written blog articles and newsletters.

I have worked with phoneBlogger.net for many years as an editor and social media specialist. Their simple tagline (which I love!) says it all:

How do so many Attorneys, CPAs, etc. get their blogging, LinkedIn, & e-newsletters done in minutes? Talk to phoneBlogger.net

This ghost service is great if you don’t have time (or perfect punctuation, grammar, and knowledge of CPA/Legal compliance & regulatory requirements, etc.) to write blogs, tweets, newsletters, and more.

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