3 Things Most Financial Advisors Forget to Include in Their Marketing Plan

A few years ago, Crest® hit a homerun with their advertising campaign for 3D Whitestips. The all-star slogan was: "If you're not whitening,you're yellowing."

Financial professionals need to apply this same exact logic to their marketing efforts i.e. "If you're not marketing, you're going out of business."

Given the fast-approaching wave of Millennials (advisors' soon-to-be clients) and the exponential growth of online marketing as a means for branding, prospecting, and client engagement (the method for attracting Millennials), it's a little shocking that:

Less than 1/3 of advisors have a marketing plan, and only 11% have fully implemented that plan. [1]

Yikes! So why no marketing plan?

38% of advisors say the reason is because they don't have the time or know-how. [2]

Does this sound like you? Many financial advisors come to us with problems like:

  • "I can't even find myself or my business on Google. I don't have time to update my website and no one in my office knows how to do SEO."

  • "I'm already on social media, but I don't know what to post or how often, and compliance is complicated."

  • "I don't have time to keep in touch with my clients. I wish them 'Happy Birthday' and that's it. I'm too busy with meetings, prospects, and running my office to do anything else."

We solve problems like these and more. Our niche marketing solutions are ideal for busy RIAs, CFPs®, and insurance advisors who need help getting marketing done—complete implementation and management—to build a brand, nurture leads, and retain clients.

So, why do financial advisors need a marketing plan? Marketing isn't just sending client newsletters in hopes of a referral, or posting on social media and expecting a prospect to call because they liked your tweet. It's much more than that. Below are three components that usually get overlooked in marketing plans.

#1 Establish Yourself as a Resource

Prospects are searching online for answers to their problems. If they land on your website, what will they find? Does your website position you as the person to help them with their problem—or does it send them back to Google to continue their search?

Content marketing (e.g., blog articles, email newsletters, infographics, etc.) is a tried and tested marketing tactic with unbelievable ROI. It's a relatively simple, low-cost way to become a resource. For example, let's say you write a short article for your blog on a topic that you are well versed; here are a few benefits of just a single blog article:

  • Allows you to showcase your expertise, experience, and insight.

  • Helps establish trust and credibility with prospects/leads/visitors who land on your website.

  • New content is one of the best ways to improve your website's organic search engine optimization (SEO) because search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo prefer websites that add valuable, relevant content—frequently.

  • Turns you into a resource! If you maintain a blog and share useful tips, tools, ideas, etc., your prospects and others will begin to seek you out. You will become to go-to professional for __________ <insert your expertise here.

#2 Build an Extraordinary Brand

You may have the alphabet soup of designations (CFP®, CLU®, ChFC®, etc.) to prove your credibility, or years of experience working with a specific demographic/industry—or both. BUT, if your potential prospects are unable to find you online, they will find someone else.

#3 Hire a Marketing Professional

When my car needs to be repaired, I don't try to fix it myself; I hire a professional mechanic. When it's time to prepare my taxes, I don't enlist my nephew—the accounting major—I hire a professional accountant. The point is, when I need professional services, I hire experienced professionals.

I cannot emphasize how much time and money you will save by hiring a professional marketing firm or individual from the start. I am an advocate for the "DIY" lifestyle, but when it comes to these services, it is best left to the experts. As a professional yourself, I am sure you will agree. Remember, to make money, you have to spend money and invest in your business and your brand.

Identifying and building an extraordinary brand is a long-term, strategic commitment. If properly and consistently executed, the results will provide a consistent pipeline of qualified prospects who seek you out for your expertise.

Interested in building your brand online? Curious if prospects can even find you online? Contact us today!

Jaclyn Boruch


Wealth Marketing Group

[1] 2010 study in Financial Planning Magazine.

[2] 2015 Elite RIA study by INResearch Report.​

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