Can Prospects Find You on Social Media?

“I don’t know. Let me Google it.”

How many times have you said or thought this?

"Google" has been a household word since the early 2000s, and on June 15, 2006 it was officially added to the Oxford English Dictionary. For almost two decades now, people have been typing their problems and questions into the world’s #1 trusted search engine.

However, a recent statistic reveals that people are now searching for guidance and solutions on social media, too.

That's right. People aren't only using search engines to research; they're using social media to find information and services. You, your services, your business, and your brand—all of it—is being evaluated on social media by potential clients.

So, do you want potential clients to find your social media post, profile, and page—or your competition?

That’s a no brainer; of course you want prospects to find you and not the competition. However, it’s shocking how reluctant professional service firms are to establish a social media presence—and then maintain that presence.

The most common resistance I’ve heard—especially in the financial sector—is, "Compliance makes it difficult to be on social media." That excuse really no longer applies. In fact, in the financial industry, I’ve worked with many broker dealers and wealth management firms where compliance officers encourage the use of social media—with supervision and guidance, of course—and even offer training, programs, and resources.

Still on the fence? Here are some facts about social media:

  • 96% of the online population is using social media. 1

  • By 2017, the global social network will total 2.55 billion. 2

  • 5M High Net Worth Investors in the US actively use social media to research financial decisions. 3

  • More than two-thirds of millionaires 47 and younger use LinkedIn. 4

  • More than half of investors over the age of 50 access Facebook regularly. 5

More people than you think are looking for solutions to their problems on social media, especially Millennials. Furthermore, younger audiences—Millennials!—take to the internet to determine a professional's credibility, legitimacy, and brand power.

While social media may still feel new, it’s here to stay. If you don’t establish and maintain a comprehensive presence for your business, you are diminishing your credibility and sending prospects to your competition.

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Jaclyn Boruch - Wealth Marketing Group

Jaclyn Boruch

Wealth Marketing Group

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