2019 Holidays for Healthcare and Wellness Businesses to Remember

Aside from the standard holidays throughout the year that are nationally recognized or traditional, there are several holidays devoted to the healthcare and wellness industries:

February 2019

This month is Heart Health Month!

March 2019

This is National Nutrition Month! Be sure to highlight this in your social content…

April 2019

This is Stress Awareness Month. Some individual holidays to remember this month include:

  • April 16: National Stress Awareness Day

May 2019

This month is Women's Health Month!

June 2019

This month is dedicated to Men's Health Month. It also has one day that you may want to highlight. This is:

  • June 21: International Day of Yoga

September 2019

September is Self-Improvement month! Also note:

  • September 12: National Day of Encouragement

October 2019

October has several monthly holidays celebrating the healthcare and wellness industries. These include:

  • Emotional Intelligence Awareness Month

  • Emotional Wellness Month

  • Positive Attitude Month

The individual holidays to remember:

  • October 13: National Train Your Brain Day

November 2019

This month has one holiday pertaining to the industry:

  • November 30: Stay Home Because You’re Well Day

December 2019

This month has several known holidays, but some individual holidays that healthcare and wellness industries may want to highlight include:

  • December 3: National Day of Giving

  • December 31: Make Up Your Mind Day

When you are asked what holiday is today – you will have the answers!

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