2019 Holiday Dates for Insurance, Financial and Online Security Businesses

Insurance, finance, or tech firms should be aware of certain holidays that pertain to their industry. Check out the observances below:

January 2019

  • January 28th: Data Privacy Day

February 2019

This entire month is devoted to Free and Open Source Software. Individual days to remember:

  • February 5: Safer Internet Day

  • February 11: National Clean Out Your Computer Day

March 2019

This is National Credit Education Month! Individual days to remember:

  • March 1: National Employee Appreciation Day

  • March 15: Tax Filing Deadline for S Corps and Partnerships

April 2019

This month is devoted to Records and Information Management! The individual days to remember include:

May 2019

From April 29th to May 5th is National Small Business Week (#SmallBusinessWeek)! Individual days to remember include:

  • May 2: National Life Insurance Day

  • May 2: World Password Day

June 2019

For financial businesses, insurance and online security, the dates to remember for this month include:

  • June 28: National Insurance Awareness Day

  • June 30: Social Media Day

July 2019

For the month of July remember that July 26th is National System Administrator Appreciation Day!

August 2019

This month has one week (August 5-11th) devoted to National Fraud Awareness Week.

September 2019

This month is relatively busy with two weekly holidays related to these industries. These include:

  • September 3-7 is National Payroll Week

  • September 16-20 is National Love Your Files Week

Individual holidays to remember:

  • September 10: National Programmers Day

  • September 17: National IT Professionals Day

October 2019

This month is dedicated to several holidays! This is:

  • Financial Planning Month

  • National Cyber Security Awareness Month

In addition, the weekly holidays include:

  • September 30-October 6: Financial Planning Week

  • October 13-19: National Save for Retirement Week

The individual days to remember:

  • October 3: National Techies Day #TechiesDay

  • October 7: National Online Bank Day

  • October 17: National Get Smart About Credit Day

  • October 21: National Clean Your Virtual Desktop Day

November 2019

This month has November 11 through 17th devoted to International Fraud Awareness Week! Some of the individual holidays this month include:

  • November 30: Small Business Saturday

  • November 30: Computer Security Day

December 2019

Of course, for December you have Christmas, Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve. However, you also want to make note of:

  • December 6: National Pawnbrokers Day

  • December 27: No Interruptions Day

Now, you are prepared for the upcoming year and what holidays you need to showcase!

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