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65% of advisors are underserving 

their clients. 

53% of advisors lose clients annually due to poor engagement.

85% of advisors forget about prospects who don't immediately convert.

Our marketing system helps advisors retain AUM and keep prospects in the pipeline.

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Study after study, along with trends across culture and technology, show us that thoughtful and consistent communication is in high demand. Clients want to hear from their advisor often. If better communication is the solution to client retention—and we know it costs 5x more to acquire a new client than to retain one—why do advisors drop the ball when it comes to client nurturing/communication?


The reasons vary: no time, no budget, not enough staff, too busy prospecting, etc., sound familiar? These reasons might be valid, but we find that the real root of the issue is with an advisor’s perspective of client retention.


In the old days (i.e. Pre-Internet Era), an advisor managed accounts for a client and interacted with that client a few times per year; this was adequate enough to maintain the relationship with the client. For the most part, clients were low maintenance and maintenance didn’t cost much. This basic retention protocol worked for decades.


That is no longer the case. Today, clients are high maintenance and the relationships costs more to maintain. Clients want the same first-class service they have come to expect from their advisor—plus resources, education, technology, transparency, appreciation, convenience, and more. 


When evaluating your practice management and client retention, be sure to review the quality of your client onboarding program, client outreach and communication, and the overall experience you provide to your clients year after year.